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Friday, May 16, 2014

Maybe It's Just People In General....

I recently became aware of a viral posting where a news anchor gently reprimands her idiot viewers for their repeated and heated telephone calls complaining about tornado warnings interrupting their evening television viewing. I applaud the anchor for not sidestepping the stupid. I applaud the anchor for taking them on, not making excuses and calling them out from under the rocks that occupy their skulls.

The selfishness and narcissism; not to mention the neon-like low IQs of the Walking Duds continues their march. It seems to be worse and worse everyday; infecting all manner of business and profession camouflaged by political correctness, political payback and quota.

For those liberals who appear to be at the heart of the problem --- its a form of bullying. It is exactly what you claim you battle everyday.

For you progressives who appear to be the heart of the problem --- it is a suppression of expression. Whining is not asserting it is telling others that they should conform to you.

Its all about control and always about control.

Just the other day I announced that yet another anthology dropped. This is becoming an industry wide problem based on the wonderful economy we are all experiencing. Hey, life sucks and then you die. But what now appears I that a group of writers may be involved.

I hate soap operas too. I am writing the editors and I thinks its time to shine a light on this issue. Let's see what we need to do with this charity book and let's see whose self-absorbed relevance needs to disappear.

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