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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Careful What You Wish....WEIRD TALES

It was always my dream to be published in 'Weird Tales'. I am glad to say I realized that dream earlier this year. I almost realized that dream a second time but theN their site crashed over the summer and in keeping with their long and screwed up history, the site never came back except as a billboard for their current issue.

Such is also the case for any repsonse from the short story editor who has a story of mine...But we have seen this pattern before...

Now they are late on their publishing schedule and no one seems to know when the next issue will come out.

I don't know if a goat was involved or a bloody sock or if its the New York Americans Hockey team all over again, but the long history of this standard bearer is beyond problematic. What concerns me is that if most writers on their own can juggle a job, family, responsibilities, their writing and promotion on their own work and the publishers of 'Weird Tales' with all of their experience and expertise can't even put a up a working website and stick to a publishing schedule WITH A STAFF---Well, it's not me after all babe---it's clearly you.

Funny or not so funny, that is the second time I've said that this week.

See a pattern?

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