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Thursday, April 30, 2015

On The Road Again......

So during this time of lock out and legally forced oppression we have decided to jump back into writers' groups for entertainment. I think groups are a good idea from time to time; to get one self out of the solitary status that is writing and try things out on the road.

I have started in Stamford with two groups and my poison is a piece already published, in fact published twice and critically acclaimed titled WHEELS BUNDLED IN RUBBER.

I chose a piece already published to demonstrate what I write as opposed to what I am currently experimenting with.

Reaction to the massively non-horror market has been mixed. An older crowd enjoyed its simplicity, its poetry. We had quit a marvelous critical discussion.

But a younger crowd hated it since it failed to touch on the question of bias in society. No I wasn't dealing with bias, I was dealing with the question of man making war against man and man's proverbial inhumanity against man.

These millennial children seemed to be stuck in a more microscopic view of societal ills; those they feel only involve them directly.

This is why the culture is doomed and this is why fewer people actually read to broaden their horizons rather than back their view of the world.


Next week is New Haven and the wheels will be on the road again.

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