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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Classic Movie Review: GOJIRA

Which is the original Japanese pronunciation for Godzilla. Theatrically released in 1954 and directed by Ishiro Honda, this film is not to be confused with heavily and ineptly edited American version starring Raymond Burr.

This is the first appearance of the King of Monsters as we soon find he is a legend before his time and appearance while wreaking havoc in the fishing lanes of Japan. Elders tell us that he is a mythical creature who rising from the sea and demands a sacrifice.

While this portends the franchise to come, soon the lumbering monster takes to land, begins munching on a train and the fun begins.

This is the template for the franchise to come although what may not know and what I will spoil is that Godzilla is killed and rendered into a skeleton on the bottom of the ocean.

But in a twist before the credits can roll we are warned about the continued effects of nuclear testing and the potential of it releasing another Godzilla upon humanity.

A brilliant piece of writing keep the doors open for sequels and at the same time leaving the possibility of getting out of town if the flick bombs.

Well you know the history.

I recommend you find this on DVD and see how history is born as well as hatched.

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