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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Classic Movie Review: Repulsion

Talk about irony. This 1965 Horror/Thriller about a woman who was raped as a child and left to scar because her attacker was never brought to justice was directed and co-written by Roman Polanski. Catherine Deneuve stars as a virgin, or that is what we are led to believe, who works as a biting her own nails manicurist who seems to be constantly lost in her own introspection.

Slowly though we are introduced to her psychological Hell; her hallucinations, her fears and loathing of men and of sex. This leads to a breakdown full of symbolism as she crawls closer and closer to a violent and disturbing climax.

This film was one of the first of its kind and first in that the killer is a woman. Colorization would certainly ruin the look of this masterpiece and Ms. Deneuve's performance is nothing short of miraculous.

She stumbles her way through life, never making eye contact as she delivers lines in between lulls; at times robotic and at times creepy.

In all she powerfully evokes pity even while killing.

The film is tight in terms of art and entertainment. This film blazed a trail that those who have followed have never done it justice.

You need to find this one

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