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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Editor's Notes: Can we please stop it!! Every piece of fiction looks like a bad vaudeville joke

Why do we need to tokenize our fiction? Why do editors, mostly in the United States, insist on the ethnicity of characters rather than on the creativity or the intelligence of the prose?


Because society has become a check list where creativity is dashed in favor of the dreaded political correctness. If someone has problems 'identifying' with a character they are reading about I doubt very much that person has the intellectual ability to understand the story.

I am not a whale, although you may disagree because of my girth, but I understand the whale in Moby Dick.

Imagination used to be lauded. Now it is subordinated to first chapters that read like cheap jokes. Think about it; a white man, a Jewish woman, A Japanese man, an African American woman and a bisexual Swedish transsexual go into a haunted house.

Yeah, that is where we are headed.

Can we please get over the narcissistic identity politics and dial up creativity.....

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