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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Just sit right back and hear a tale....Hauntings On An Milford Isle

Legend has it that Captain William Kidd, a real non-Disney pirate, buried a portion of his treasure on the 14 acre island in 1699 on his way to Boston and an arrest and extradition to England for execution. Kidd purportedly cursed the island and anyone who would attempt to seek his treasure buried under a huge boulder.

Great for tourism and the yearly theme day where people cosplay until drunk.

The Island is largely off limits and rightfully so because of endangered wildlife inhabiting there. The
disembodied voices, phantoms in trees, weird lights; all the standard ghostly stuff except for piling chairs is well recorded by people who are nameless.

Let's cut to the chase. In all my years here the legend is simply that. Captain Kidd did come here. He had a squeeze here and his men enjoyed the tavern and its local talent, nudge, nudge. But ghosts? Yeah there are as many ghosts as there are doubloons and buffoons who believe this tale of terror.

It is in the mind and chatter of people who enjoy mystery. Wildlife of a feathered variety and bugs are here. No ghosts, but an arrest if you caught there screwing around looking for ghosts.

Want some friendly advice from someone who lives here --- delete the story from your ghostly bucket list.

Next up a cemetery and a grieving woman. I stay in Milford because I am having so much luck.

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