Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why I Hate Facebook

My attempt to use facebook has been subverted by a moronic element. I wanted to utilize it to help raise awareness for this entity but elements from high school have come back into my life and have turned it into a circus.

I left high school a number of years ago and I would have hoped that many of thes other people would have too----I guess not.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

True Horror

I have been known to write many a horror story. Ghosts, monsters, many of the mind and have had some success with those.

But I cannot conceive the true horror of what took place in Japan this past week. Our prayers and dollars are with thos in the hopes some manner of recovery can happen.


The Change

As some of you can see we have removed all of the pre-election vitriol and campaigning. This blog, while it will sometimes touch upon politics will root itself firmly in the foundation of history to show that the more things change the more they remain th same.

We are committed to see that the United States of America returns to its days of exceptionalism and we will call out every Democrat, every Republican and every independent---and yes tea party independent who feels our political system serves their own need rather than the need for public service.

So eenough with the chap crass jokes. Enough with being dragged down to the level of one's opponent; let us seek out those inviduals who can truly lead without being holden to special interests and self agendas.

More history to folow.