Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ghost Hunting.....Watch Your Sugar Intake or Michelle will throw a squash at you.....

My next stop is Orange, Connecticut. Finding nothing in Milford I take a short drive to EDISON ROAD.

The blogs and blurbs are not specific except to say that a vacant lot is haunted. Here a barn used to sit or maybe it was a house or maybe it was a barn and a house. Anyway, two people die in an all consuming fire some time ago.

Feelings of dread and a feeling of being watched pervades....

Here is what pervades, a feeling of emptiness, a deep sucking void....Why? Because there is NOTHING THERE!!! There never was.

I have titled searched this whole area. There was never any fire. There were never any deaths. And developers took down the houses and barns of yore.

And the purveyors of this clap trap can never tell you who died, their names, their ages, their relationship. There is no address or even a year the fire occurred. This is an urban legend, a lazy urban legend that was so lame and cliche ridden to start, I can understand why it was never fully developed.

But I do think it is good place to visit.

If you travel through the area, passing the commercial entities there you will find one haunt that I do highly recommend. PEZ is here with a marvelous visitor center and store. It is a great short stop for young and old. Collect. Eat. Enjoy.

Just don't tell Michelle you know who about the sugar else she will throw a squash at you.....

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ghost Hunting.......Missing You....St. Mary's Cemetery, Milford, Connecticut

70 Gulf Street is the site. Of all the purported Milford hauntings this one has the most credence, however we are still talking Milford, Connecticut which means the bar isn't raised very high.

The prototypical wandering ghost haunts this boneyard in her long white gown in search of the husband she lost to World War I. Since his body never returned home the search is all that more desperate. The story goes this lady is not shy and will approach individuals as well as groups.

Google can deliver you various photos of orbs, mists, and light arcs. All purport to show the broken hearted phantom  in full search and confrontation mode.

This proves her existence says the amateur ghost buster.

Well, I am not sold.

1. Who is this woman? Many ghost hunters live and hunt in this area and tout and tout. Where is the historical basis? Hunting is more than playing with electronics and repeating the wandering cliche.

2.  Why a cemetery? Why this cemetery? There are comparable aged cemeteries in the area. Again, the paranormal investigators in this area are sloppy. Why, why, why, why.....

3.  I need something lore than orbs aka dust aka bugs; mist aka smoke aka car exhaust aka vaping; and/or light arcs aka bugs. The people who post these photos saying 'lookie here' don't give us any explanation on the conditions and the equipment used.

Where are the mediums? Where are the EVPs? Where is the information?

There is much lacking. In my visits I have found nothing.

I don't believe this haunting but it makes for a good urban legend.

I get musical on LURID-LIT.....

Me and Metallica......

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Just sit right back and hear a tale....Hauntings On An Milford Isle

Legend has it that Captain William Kidd, a real non-Disney pirate, buried a portion of his treasure on the 14 acre island in 1699 on his way to Boston and an arrest and extradition to England for execution. Kidd purportedly cursed the island and anyone who would attempt to seek his treasure buried under a huge boulder.

Great for tourism and the yearly theme day where people cosplay until drunk.

The Island is largely off limits and rightfully so because of endangered wildlife inhabiting there. The
disembodied voices, phantoms in trees, weird lights; all the standard ghostly stuff except for piling chairs is well recorded by people who are nameless.

Let's cut to the chase. In all my years here the legend is simply that. Captain Kidd did come here. He had a squeeze here and his men enjoyed the tavern and its local talent, nudge, nudge. But ghosts? Yeah there are as many ghosts as there are doubloons and buffoons who believe this tale of terror.

It is in the mind and chatter of people who enjoy mystery. Wildlife of a feathered variety and bugs are here. No ghosts, but an arrest if you caught there screwing around looking for ghosts.

Want some friendly advice from someone who lives here --- delete the story from your ghostly bucket list.

Next up a cemetery and a grieving woman. I stay in Milford because I am having so much luck.

Ghost Hunting....yeah Ghost Hunting.....You have a problem with that Milford? Part 1

Hunting spirits is all the rage and has been so for the past decade. Ghost hunting groups have formed in every corner of every town, city and burb all over the United States of Entertainment. Frankly sitting in the dark in someone's basement with a converted transistor radio watching lights and waiting for a whisper is not my idea of fun. And frankly if a house or spot is haunted it should be more evident than a slumber party.

The scientific method suffers here as amateurs whose only paranormal education is Saturday night cable television try to lend credence to something that I believe is a lot more complicated than 'did you hear that?'

My plan for this and future columns is this: visit these purportedly paranormal places in my home base of Connecticut and see who I happen to run into or through because they are ectoplasm and are not solid.

I live in Milford, a hotbed of pirate history with a couple of ghosts thrown in. Tonight I will address three houses and one site being heavily and publicly pushed as a nest for phantoms.

The Milford Historical Society, I used to be a member, claims that three of its houses are haunted: Eells-Stowe, Clark-Stockdale and Bryan Downs. The story goes that docents and volunteers claim to hear voices; feel prying eyes, etc.

I lived here over twenty years and was an active member, and up until the last year or so there has never been any talk of this. The houses don't sit on their original lots and well, it is a Hell of a marketing plan to attract new members.

In the articles I have read an unnamed paranormal group purportedly collected EVPs which the logic dictates proves a haunting.

Well as someone who has been in these buildings both during the day and during the night I have never heard voices, I have never experienced someone else in the room with me, etc.

I would love to hear the EVPs. I would love to speak with these hunters and discuss their methodology. I would love to accompany them on a lock down until then I believe this to be a marketing ploy as there is no real basis for these hauntings.

There is no back story to lend credence; there is no history of activity and frankly there is nothing to believe here unless the Society brings more to the table.

I will stay in Milford for the next hunt which will involve pirates and I don't mean that team once Managed by Danny Murtaugh.