Sunday, November 23, 2014

LURID-LIT is back with THUGLIT

This week we review lucky issue number 13 of the magazine THUGLIT. This isn't your father's prime time crime show. Stop by for the review at

FAIRNESS to be published

I just signed a contract with ROGUE PLANET PRESS to have FAIRNESS included in the anthology WARLORDS OF THE ASTEROID BELT. FAIRNESS is a different kind of science fiction tale, a story that harkens back to the morality plays of THE TWILIGHT ZONE or OUTER LIMITS. There is no twist to the ending here but it is a story about war, survivors and what remains after the carnage.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Three words that mean enemy. I just read a marvelous article on Linkd in where where a CEO says if you here those words you know a co-worker will stab you in the back. I say expand that to anyone in your life. I was just stabbed in the back by a friend who said the same thing to me involving a project. While the wound stings, I had a gut feeling at that moment something was wrong. One of the few times I guess I was proven right.

Careful What You Wish....WEIRD TALES

It was always my dream to be published in 'Weird Tales'. I am glad to say I realized that dream earlier this year. I almost realized that dream a second time but theN their site crashed over the summer and in keeping with their long and screwed up history, the site never came back except as a billboard for their current issue.

Such is also the case for any repsonse from the short story editor who has a story of mine...But we have seen this pattern before...

Now they are late on their publishing schedule and no one seems to know when the next issue will come out.

I don't know if a goat was involved or a bloody sock or if its the New York Americans Hockey team all over again, but the long history of this standard bearer is beyond problematic. What concerns me is that if most writers on their own can juggle a job, family, responsibilities, their writing and promotion on their own work and the publishers of 'Weird Tales' with all of their experience and expertise can't even put a up a working website and stick to a publishing schedule WITH A STAFF---Well, it's not me after all babe---it's clearly you.

Funny or not so funny, that is the second time I've said that this week.

See a pattern?

Monday, November 17, 2014

We are still here...

dealing with some family illness as well as a major project. We are here and we will have something shortly.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


My first publication for 2015 is named. And it is science fiction! My story about a planet in search of a star and man's quest for stars will be published by FARTHER STARS MAGAZINE on January 15, 2015. More details and a link to follow.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Dropped when the Special Snowflakes Anthology melted away, this weird tale/horror story is going to be picked up by NIGHTMARE ILLUSTRATED. Details to follow.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


After I met you,
I tripped over the moon;
I fell through the sky
in a free-fall dive
and then I died.

And then came the choice
based upon my looks and poise.
So they threw me in Hell
and as far as I can tell
I fit in well.

And then I found you,
and that was nothing new.
So I climbed to the sky,
blind in both eyes,
breathing only a sigh.

And so it begins again,
with pale hope and no end.
No matter where I'm found,
in a city or town,
I have a need to drown.

Regression is Progression

I always wanted to have it done and now because of some very disturbing things going on around the property this month I was offered the chance. As we were unfurling these disturbances it was suggested.

Preconcieved notions, I am told, will be quickly dispelled so this should be interesting. Perhaps it can unlock some curious things that have always been issues.

Hey, what do I have to lose?

I Got Mine. Where is yours......

CATCHING COLD IN A CAVE is more disturbing than my imagination.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saugus Ghost Story Contest Is In The Books

Congratulations to all the winners and here I also applaud all those who submitted. I enjoyed judging again and hope to continue next year.

For the results stop by