Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Aptly Titled

Well FALSE ALARM was a FALSE ALARM of sorts. Re-write number two just completed; although I am told the concept is good and the script will be produced.

Yeah, right H. P. LOVECRAFT

If FACEBOOK is good for anything and frankly it isn't good for anything, you find these little tests to compare yourself to whomever and whoever and sometime whatever.

The most recent is for writers to enter the texts, a few paragraphs, and the magical analyzer will tell you who write like.

I did it twice.

I took a satirical piece I wrote fifteen years ago; one that is finally being published and only being published now because I couldn't find a satirical magazine to send it to. ANYWAY, on that piece I was told I write like COREY DOCTOROW.

I then took an article I had just written and just had accepted. Not a piece of fiction, but a straight article. 'I write like' H. P. LOVECRAFT.

Yeah. I know I am good, but that good?

Well a foreign critic in a seminar discussion once made the parallel to all of us horror writers as bands. In that comparison he said that while the rest are playing rock n' roll, some better than others, my stories were different and compared me to PINK FLOYD.


Friday, September 25, 2015

Halloween in Massachusetts, Saugus that is....

I am pleased and honored to again be named a judge again this year for the SAUGUS GHOST STORY CONTEST.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

FALSE ALARM will be broadcast in 2016

Just got the word. Details to follow...

TELEVISION TIME to be published

My non-horror, non-science fiction short story TELEVISION TIME, a satirical take on politics and the idiot non-informed electorate will be published by THE FABLE ONLINE on October 1st. Details and a link to follow.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Lot in The Hopper

While personally this has been a horrible year in every respect. We have a lot waiting release. The best is yet to come.

The script for FALSE ALARM is completed

One re-write so far. But the script is done. The re-write deleting one character has in fact allowed the other characters and the overall narration to flourish. More to come.


To the trolls let me say, yes this is going to be cliché ridden. To the trolls, please go live a life without judgment on others because in a sense you are no better than the common domestic abuser.

The tragedy in Nevada yesterday involving the Constaninos goes beyond the paranormal community.

It is simply a tragedy. Three people are dead long before their time and the horrible ripple to the survivors is beyond description and love once again has been overwhelmed by control and hate.

Life never works out as planned, such is the journey. We are never in control. We only think so. We paddle along with the current in search of still water. But serenity in life is love.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

BAD LUCK republish on schedule

According to the publisher JACK OF NO TRADES PRODUCTIONS. Both the print and e versions still scheduled for October release.