Friday, February 28, 2014

HATE in MASSACRE MAGAZINE Issue 2 on Sale Tomorrow

Scary? Oh, I'm Sorry I thought You Meant Richard

Richard Scarry was a legendary children's writer. More of a contemporary of my sister I do remember reading her many of his books during her pre-reading and early reading childhood.

Perhaps that is my connection to the word; perhaps 'scary' just by its sound is tinny to me. But can we please, when discussing horror and weird tales, bury the word -- permanently?

I can't stand the word. It sounds childish. I used 'scary' when I was a kid. Other kids used it like 'blankie', 'ba-ba' and other such lower rungs on the ladder to literacy.

When people talk to me about 'scary' their book and movie choices are bland at best. But then again I scored so high on the FBI anti-social scale this could another problem.

I'm just looking to put the bar higher. I'm just looking to get beyond most of the adolescent fantasies littered in vulgarisms that pose for fiction these days. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Classic Book Review: WISEGUY: LIFE IN A MAFIA FAMILY by Nicholas Pileggi

Sure this book has been around for a while. Sure it was the basis for "Goodfellas". I am behind on my reading. What better way to celebrate a classic book review with an absolute classic. Watch the movie and read the book or do it the other way around: it will amuse you.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014



Editor's Notes: Be One With Your Art, Really?

I spent a considerable time on the train yesterday. The roads here were horrendous, the snow was piling up and I had to get to work.

On the way home I overheard a wondrous conversation between two ivy league professors discussing how they teach their 'art'. They believe before anyone can act, sing, write, paint or play; one must do this one thing. This one thing is a process in itself and will take the average artist a considerable amount of time to unlock creativity.

The key aspect is known as immersion where for the better part of a day one is to sit in an empty room and contemplate what their art means to them. Yes, this is how you spend your time. To truly love your art, to truly understand your art, to truly be an artist and to able to be a writer, a singer, a painter, etc. so the theory goes, you must assess your connection with your art; you must connect with your art and experience a desire to it before you practice it.

The genius continues; one then needs to spend the next several days, a week maybe two not practicing their art, not reading, not listening to music etc. in order to assess your love for your art.

As I get older I get less diplomatic. As I get wiser in certain areas I realize what is undoing this nation is political correctness.

This is crap. This is merely a way for certain people to discourage others from doing what they love. This is divisive; this is wrong. This is simply a way for an instructor to appear smarter and more creative than he is blessed.

No wonder the state of literature, of music, of art, of movies, and theater is in the toilet it is.

This is crap.

Go out and try your passion. If you are successful great, if you fail, re-tool; just don't wipe and flush. Editors, producers and directors can be wrong. This is why they do what they do and we do what we do. under construction today

If you are heading over to today, we have started construction to improve the site. Apologies for any inconvenience but you will like what we unwrap shortly.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

“Breaking Point” by Gerard Brennan from Blasted Heath Reviewed on

The thriller is reviewed on this week: does it sizzle or does it fizzle? Check it out.

Changes Coming to

There are changes coming to the website; some fun things to be added. Details to follow.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


In March. I will provide a link for purchase for this paperback next month.

A TRICKLE OF WATER has been published in HELLO HORROR today

We are pleased and honored to announce that my micro tale A TRICKLE OF WATER has been published this morning in HELLO HORROR.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Contract Signed Today for HATE

With MASSACRE PUBLISHING. Considering this tale started as a flash fiction experiment and has grown to over 3,600 words. Thank you to a publisher who understands the story. I am so happy. Details will follow.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

MY COFFIN IS MISSING is in print. Details to Follow.


Rolling Along

As some of you are aware I was dedicating this year to the completion of two started and stunted novels. After several weeks of attending to the needs of others real and obsessive we have finally been able to sit down again and write --- seriously write.

Yesterday I am pleased to say we added fourteen pages to one and today after a number of interruptions we appear to be well on our way to add another double digit entry.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Editor's Note: We Are All Charlie Brown

Understand that this is a business first. Understand that while you may pour your soul into a work others will disregard it; cheapen it; even revile it.

So rejection is a large part of writing. Such is granted and we have covered this subject extensively.

What we haven't discussed is the relatively new phenomenon of ever changing guidelines. This seems to occur when publishers wish to span genres in a magazine or anthology. Understand, they own the platform. They can set the rules. They can publish the stories they want.

And while I agree it is inherently unfair and dishonest to change gears during a reading period, 'life is tough so wear a cup'.

Thank you Dennis Miller. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Don't Want A Headstone, I Want A Monument

To paraphrase Jerry Lee Lewis. Part of the writer's insecurity is to Google himself and see where he is. I am happy I cover ten full pages. The other part of the writer's narcissism is such that, while that is fine and while I want to build my brand and continue to publish --- I want a Wikipedia page.

Oh well......

So my children's writing classes went down in flames. Only one child in the middle school section and none in high school. God Bless the future of literature here in Milford.

On the flip side I have eight adult students. Just a Reminder....

We are not just a cult favorite but come here for an unvarnished look at what is new and controversial. Yes it is a plug:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Hearcore Project: The Special Snowflake Anthology

As you are aware WATCH THE BOUNCING BALL will be part of this project; a project that will benefit artists in need. The first two volumes of THE SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE ANTHOLOGY will be available from CHUPA CABRA HOUSE soon. Understand I am not getting one penny from this; neither is the publisher. I would ask everyone to buy both volumes which will be chock full of weird, whimsical, creepy and the horrific from both established and new writers. We have about eighty thousand words here so there is a lot to like and certainly something for everyone.

Both volumes will feature the artwork of Ogmios The Artist. Look him up, this cover is a killer.

This is a charity project hence my plea. We are helping two distinct writers in need here and I am honored to have been asked to contribute.

The main thanks though need to go to the founders of this project ALEX S. JOHNSON, PERSIPHONE HELLECAT also known as CHARIE  D. LA MARR and TIMM TAYSHUN.

A link for purchase will follow.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Writing Classes To Start Soon

One week away. If you haven't signed up better get going....


Of the two initial Heartcore anthologies. The final table of contents out. Details to follow.

Monday, February 3, 2014

H. J. HAMPSON'S THE VANITY GAME is reviewed on Now!!!

We take on another of Blasted Heath's novels. This is the debut novel of H. J. Hampson, THE VANITY GAME; a story of celebrity, scandal and death. Take a look: