Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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Go to LURIDLIT NOW for the Review of BIG BABY

My book review of Big Baby, by Charles Burns, Fantagraphics Books, 2010, 103 pages is on Luridlit NOW. Give it a read there and buy the book.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Many thanks again to Emily and her kind words. A WAKE TIME TALE, a story about a man and his dead girlfriend and the monster that torments them is on The Carnage Conservatory today. Please give it a read. It is a gruesome tale so maybe its not a bedtime story for the little kids. Well it would have been one for me...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tales For The Toilet

I am honored to be there. I am honored to announce that I was notified today by Crowded Quarantine Publications Ltd, England that they have chosen my story FLIGHT 377 for their horror anthology due October 8th. Details to follow. Thank you gentlemen. I am both honored and humbled.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Black Belles I LOVE THIS GROUP

Just got turned on to The Black Belles on Third Man Records. They rock. They are original and they are not to be missed.

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See Luridlit.com NOW! Book Review: THE BADDEST OF THE BAD

Edited by Matthew Louis from the pages of OUT OF THE GUTTER. Gritty and real take on crime; both fiction and nonfiction. You want realism look here and not those contrived cable reality shows. Check it our avaiable from GUTTER BOOKS.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We Missed Everyone

It sure has been quite. I have had pneumonia and my desk and email is piling up. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

See Luridlit NOW!!! Book Review of ANIMAL KINGDOM

Grand Mal Press' ANIMAL KINGDOM by Iain Rob Wright, published in 2011, is reviewed by yours truly on Luridlit---Take a gander and I do mean that literally.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Review: The President and The Assassin by Scott Miller, 2011, Random House.

The President and the Assassin by Scott Miller presents a compressed but lush course in history lending context to the cold blooded murder of William McKinley at the hands of self proclaimed anarchist Leo Czologosz. Published in 2011 by Random House the similarities between today and the turning of the nineteenth century into the twentieth are startling. As the United States begins to flex its muscle and influence as a global military and financial power; as war, labor unrest, colonialism, invasion, protests against the rich, and violence in the streets serve as background against a growing progressive movement in the Democrat party, a solidifying conservative movement in the Republican party and a schizophrenic anarchist movement trying to find its voice --- as with all assassinations, it comes down to one disgruntled human being at the center. What makes this case differ from the Garfield and Kennedy assassinations, and is yet similar to Abraham Lincoln’s murder, is the President’s actual cause of death. William McKinley did not die on the floor of the Temple of Music at the 1901 Pan American Exposition in Buffalo. He died following surgery and while it is arguable that his physicians may have committed malpractice, a shocked and patriotic society looking for order during disorderly times holds the man who put this causation into motion responsible. Leo Czologosz hangs, order is restored and the United States under Theodore Roosevelt flourishes. This is a most fascinating and well written book that should be the cornerstone for any historian’s and history lover’s bookshelf.