Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Heaven Help Us We Are On TWITTER

The ultimate unfiltered platform now has the ultimate unfiltered brain. Yes we are on. I will behave I am just trying to spread my words. We are @josephpatchen thanks.   

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LURID-LIT.COM has a Review of SUFFER THE FLESH right now.....

My newest review is Monica J. O'Rourke's SUFFER THE FLESH. Not for the squeamish Deadite Press rolls this novel out to much fanfare. Check my review.

Editor's Notes: Never Claim You Are Something When You Are Not OR Don't Use Writer Of Fictional Novels Or Some Other Idiot Title Next To Your Name

Long title but a short statement. I am amazed by writers who adopt 'special titles' next to their names wearing them like a graduate degree in order to impress. Please young writers don't do this as it makes you look foolish.

I was attacked today for making a statement on LinkedIn on a strand where people on the left and right were attacking each other on political grounds. I stated this is not the place for this discussion since we are in a writers' community. Most agree save for one idiot because he thought I was on the left.

Regardless, this was a writers' discussion group about the pitfalls in writing and publishing. LinkedIn is a bigger jerk for not deleting these posts as many requested.

As for the great author: First, 'novels' ARE predominantly fictional so I don't understand what you doing with the title. But then, second, I looked you up and you self published one book. Shouldn't your title read 'novel' rather than novels. Third, the radar goes up 'that doth protest too much' when you advertise yourself in this way. Ego is nice when you can back it up with credits otherwise you look foolish.

It looks amateurish.

Real writers use their names, real and pen, and do not need to advertise their specialty. Real writers can spread their wings and write in many forums thus being a 'writer'.

Did you hear that 'Mr. I am starting a new magazine and need columnists or is it short stories or is it whatever?'

But one self-published novel and hundreds of LinkedIn posts don't warrant the ego.

Be professional at all times as you never know who you are dissing. It could very well be someone that may be reviewing or editing your work some day.


We have been recruited for a new anthology from a publisher who I know is serious and who I respect. I have a partial series bible and details will flesh out soon.

We go forward.

Heartcore The Last I Have To Say On The Subject

I was recently contacted by one of the editors concerning a legal issue involving the other editor on another book. It appears her publisher may have violated their contract.

We discussed this project and the reasons the other editor and his publisher friend torpedoed this project. Let's just say it is more vindictive than creative.

I have offered to step in and salvage this project and to have create space come to our aid so we can help the charity; I also offered to set up the charity --- all free of charge.

So we will see. If you hear nothing else from me you will know that the egos of the parties who formulated this plan have eclipsed the good they can do.

Let's just hope the basic human emotions that are destroying many of today's projects will be stilled for at least a short pause.

More Horror Discrimination Among The Literati

Recently an editor/owner of a start up ezine cast the net for writers to write pieces for his new ezine. The pieces requested are non-fictional informational pieces although in the last few days he has expanded his catch to include short fictional pieces to bolster the articles.

I sent all the normal pleasantries including links to my site but warned him that I did write horror. I suggested he concentrate on my articles and my column at

The reply was surprising in this way -- and I paraphrase for space and time ---- your stories 'I fear the stories may be a little abrasive for our audience'...

Abrasive? First, the ezine does not have an audience -- it hasn't published yet. Second, I understand who you wish to target but wishing and hitting can be two different things. Third, I pointed him in the direction of the non-fiction and he reads the fiction to base his opinion.

What do you think happened? Again I hear from writers all over the country who tell me the shunning they receive because they write horror. The literati feel we can write nothing more.

Sad. Here in Milford I have been compared to a pornographer by individuals who haven't read a word of my writing and again I am judged by someone who wouldn't take the time to read my work.

Sad that this is the state of media today and with a start up --- tomorrow.

BRIGHT to be in Subverse Webzine in June

Details on this short tale and its appearance to follow.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

What We Really Should Be Talking About

Blogs exist so we can inflate ourselves and our 'accomplishments' and thoughts. Everyday or at those moments when the little red marble falls into a hole and we get an idea to write about something we think the world is waiting is to hear we spew across these screens hoping that someone hears our silent screams for attention in order to justify our own importance.

What we really should be discussing is not ourselves but those who have sacrificed for us in order for us to have this and many other self-indulgences.

This Memorial Day and everyday thereafter thank those who saw action, involuntary as well as voluntarily. Remember those who fought, who were injured and died for us.

Everyday should be a Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Live from the UK SCHLOCK WEBZINE has just published its newest issue with my tale titled TO DANGLE A RAT.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Surreal Grotesque The Magazine and Website Are No More

I just found out that the links are down and the site has closed. Issues can still be read on magazine reader services so It is still accessible.

It was fun while it lasted and I thank the editors for their support.

By the way, the podcasts we appear on can be found on You Tube.

Editors Note: Heartcore is Broken A Cautionary Tale and Apology

What concerns me is the drama surrounding this anthology. As many have told me about their professions --- "It's like high school." Well, this was middle school. And so is much of writing and publishing these days. Perhaps this is heightened more in the arts because of the narcissism of those who see themselves as creators and their arrested adolescence.

I offered my services as well my offices services, free of charge, to generate contracts; to seek out writers for supplemental stories; and to set up the non-profit again without charge.

For my efforts I was ignored entirely by individuals who regularly contact me in favor of 'poor me' postings on social media. I was invited and glad to join but after months and months of publishers going in and out of the project for undisclosed reasons; for never being told the full story of what is going on; for watching writers fighting amongst themselves with a false sense of their own importance and the editors promoting other projects ahead of this one; I am disgusted.

Normally I would keep these thoughts to myself and soldier on. But I think this experience serves as a lesson. I am disappointed the project fell through as we did fail to help those we wished to; but even more so I feel betrayed by many people involved. This has been a crazy few months where similar projects have crashed for similar reasons. What seems to be happening in this genre is a lack of civility and humanity on the part of the many; thank God it is not the whole.

The whole anthology scene is becoming stranger than the fiction it promotes. Editors now openly will tell you it is proper to simply accept a submission and not respond any further. One refused to respond to me in favor of discussing his troubles with video games or wanting to write comic books on Facebook. Writers involved feel more and more that it is necessary to trash fellow writers on social media and all the while you can see their own self-exalted work suffering.

There was once, just a short time ago, a camaraderie amongst the many; unfortunately it is now with the few. Writers were a community and supportive. I have no idea what happened; I have no idea where the venom came from. Such is life.

I am confident my story will appear somewhere else soon, but all of the drama of this saga is beyond unprofessional; it is distasteful and I apologize for leading anyone astray in thinking this book would ever appear in print.

I feel used and fooled as much as you and unlike others who hit and run with sophomoric insults and soap opera antics I am here to offer my apologies.

But the best is yet to come. We have stories coming out with true professionals very soon. As I indicated at the beginning of this year, I had a sense this would be a year of transition and man has it ever.

Yes, we have made strides and the yes, the best is yet to some. Stay tuned.

Milford Connecticut's 375th Birthday

No we are not among the list of local writers and authors included in the library bash to celebrate our talents as just local folks. The literary giants that walk among us see it fit not include a simple horror writer like me.

I guess my head isn't pointy enough for that tri-cornered hat.

According to several in the arts scene I am one step lower than a pornographer.

Recently I spoke with another gentlemen who relayed his parallel experiences as a horror and science fiction writer in his own town.

Mundane story telling's discrimination against horror, science fiction and fantasy writers is age old. I could tell about some of those writers who did all they could to demean the work of our forefathers  but frankly those frothing at the mouth bigots have all been forgotten.

MY GHOST STORY To Be Published

Just received the artwork to preview. Details will follow.....

Maybe It's Just People In General....

I recently became aware of a viral posting where a news anchor gently reprimands her idiot viewers for their repeated and heated telephone calls complaining about tornado warnings interrupting their evening television viewing. I applaud the anchor for not sidestepping the stupid. I applaud the anchor for taking them on, not making excuses and calling them out from under the rocks that occupy their skulls.

The selfishness and narcissism; not to mention the neon-like low IQs of the Walking Duds continues their march. It seems to be worse and worse everyday; infecting all manner of business and profession camouflaged by political correctness, political payback and quota.

For those liberals who appear to be at the heart of the problem --- its a form of bullying. It is exactly what you claim you battle everyday.

For you progressives who appear to be the heart of the problem --- it is a suppression of expression. Whining is not asserting it is telling others that they should conform to you.

Its all about control and always about control.

Just the other day I announced that yet another anthology dropped. This is becoming an industry wide problem based on the wonderful economy we are all experiencing. Hey, life sucks and then you die. But what now appears I that a group of writers may be involved.

I hate soap operas too. I am writing the editors and I thinks its time to shine a light on this issue. Let's see what we need to do with this charity book and let's see whose self-absorbed relevance needs to disappear.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


WATCH THE BOUNCING BALL therefore will not be out as promised. Two publishers have backed off the charity anthology for undisclosed reasons. This is disappointing because all involved attempted to do good and have been denied. AND this is the fourth anthology for me to go down the tubes.

I have also noticed other anthologies struggling as well. The times they are tough and not changing; people are reading less and 'netflixing'  more. While I have confidence this tale will find a home, I am getting increasingly impatient with a genre that is homogenizing more and more in an effort to chase a public that really is only made up groupies in search of a fad.

I will trudge on like Pink Floyd in a world captivated by disco. In the long run I'll still be standing.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Yes it will be. Details and specifics to follow. Thank you Schlock!

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Revolutionary Lovecraft Series Is Reviewed on Now!!!

This week I review three groundbreaking graphic novels by Bruce Brown that re-introduces H. P. Lovecraft to children compromising the 'Howard Lovecraft Series':


You need to check this out.

Monday, May 5, 2014


We support NetGalley and its practice of opening the lines of literature and allowing authors and artists to show their wares. You should too.

Be a member.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

We are now on YOU TUBE

Both of my appearances on the BLACKOUT CITY PODCAST are on You Tube. You can hear two of my stories dramatized here:




We Have Two Pieces Published In Issue #2 SUB-VERSE ZINE

We are extremely honored to have both a poem and a short story in issue #2 of SUB-VERSE. "Double Jeopardy" and "Doll Repair" are the story and poem. Thank you Joe Meredith! And it is out now!!

Editor's Notes: Evolving or Devolving?

There was a time when a 'literary magazine' meant a broad collection of writing with short stories, essays, poetry, novellas, criticism, etc. housed between the covers. A cornucopia, better yet a rainbow representation of something for everyone one a variety of subjects seeking to capture the largest audience in their net.

Over time anthologies ruled the roost huddled around one broad general subject and all else was dropped save for the short story. But the broader subject be it 'science fiction' or 'ghost stories' was still served by a collection of tales serving the subject with diverse takes.

But the broad focus in the past three years has become funneled. Publishers' prompts are shifting their genres with fishing line hooks fixing writers in one place with little room to swim about. Many of these publications have become story collections that pay homage to the cover illustration.

By dictating subject, the composition of characters, and in many cases lines of dialogue and setting, we get away from the story itself and the imagination that works into it. This style of seeking diversity and correctness limits writing to nothing more than an assembly line endeavor rendering creativity and deductive thought to its cheapest level.

Fewer sampler publications survive and even fewer have sought to be born.

The reading public? Well, like many writers, its the human thing to seek safety and find solace and comfort in one's own little corner of the universe with like minded individuals.

Like 'The Whitman Sampler' that ignited taste buds to new combinations, inclusion for all is vastly becoming a homogenized sterility.

I pray over time that I will be proven wrong.    

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cover Art for the May issue of SUB-VERSE is out

Nice! Details when the ezine publishes later this month with my poem DOLL REPAIR.

Editor's Notes: Who Loves You Baby?

I know one editor who doesn't, but he seems to write enjoy excoriating everything from my subject matter, style and my over all knowledge of what a novel or short story is.

This is so enjoyable to me I just send stuff just to get the reaction. I have sent pieces that have been already published; I have sent pieces that have already been accepted and the response is always the same: a restrained destruction of one's credibility as a writer.

Why? You have to ask him, but for some reason as with all walks of life certain people just don't get along.

My point is merely this; yes, sometimes it is personal and as a writer, as an artist, as an adult rise above it. Leave those who find it necessary to label you as pedestrian or ignorant of what the essentials of writing are to their own devices and follow your gut and your bibliography.

And when the novelty is over; when you have collected enough to laugh over with friends and colleagues or use as a teaching tool or publish in a book go on your merry way and drop the BS altogether.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Be Careful For What You Wish For

Is everybody miserable? I every hateful? Does everyone dig themselves into some kind of narcissistic sandbox hole? My God, this LinkedIn experience has been nothing but combative. Considering the fact many of these writers seem to do nothing else but troll this site to snipe I think the Algonquin was a nicer crowd.