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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Editor's Notes: We've Been Away

But I doubt anyone missed me. Personal circumstance have kept us away but hey welcome to life.

In the last couple of days I have been approached by writers whose relationships with their illustrators have gone south. In the process their intellectual property and pride have suffered.

Personal relationships are flawed because people are flawed. Your chances of having a good relationship with another on any level is against the odds.

Working relationships are marriages and we all know the divorce rate.

I hate to this but here are my rules for collaboration:

1. No one is your friend. This involves intellectual property---keep a distance;
2. Your work is your work and make sure the world knows who created the characters; wrote the script and who drew the pictures;
3. No one is your friend. This involves money---keep a distance;
4. Document everything in writing by text or email;
5. Keep copies of this documentation with your work product;
6. People are flawed, most but not are out to hurt you;
7. Protect yourself.

I was burned very early on when I was in my late teens. This is why I do not collaborate.

Now keep in mind there are a number of publishers I respect and love to work with. But I work with them and we work in our roles; them for their book/magazine and I for my story/poem.

This is a different situation. This is not, 'hey let's get together and put together a book'. Together can be combustible and heart breaking. And this week it has been for a couple of friends--yes friends.

Trust your gut.

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