Saturday, March 7, 2015

Are We Becoming Obsolete In Our Time?

For the most part it seems that, as far as platforms are concerned, that websites were replaced by Facebook and blogs have been replaced by Twitter. Just recently I was invited to enter a contest where the story could only fit in a comment box.

While I am a great fan of brevity, my fear is that we have fallen out of love with the written word. That the emotions we seek to evoke will become as impersonal as a post it note.

While it is true that the art of writing lies in finding the right word, that simple word shouldn't shield the reader from the greater, broader experience.

If we continue in this trend a symbol will someday replace language. If you think I am crazy just look at signs on your local road.

Words shouldn't be spared but embraced; but embraced in a natural flow and rhythm that can only evoke emotion in the reader be it love, hate and/or comfort.

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