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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Failure, A Vignette

There is little to be said. It is so obvious. Yes. It is so blatantly obvious. So obvious to any self important intellectual. Failure is so many things. Failure is pervasive. Failure is so obvious you smirk at it every turn.

Failure can be a lack of stuff. Failure can be the rut of a daily life. Failure can be accomplishments you feel are boring. Failure is all about vengeance and possessing a desire to deceive and manipulate.

Failure is the branding of the pathetic by those who profess success.

But don't the barometers of comparisons run cold?

Yes, but unlike your base trash level view of what is important0. Unlike the cocky swaggering intellectualism you profess to wallow in, I have learned failure is tied to self-loathing; the skeleton that is the base of the pretty flesh of success.

There is nothing philosophical, theological or spiritual about it.

You'll find out

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