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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Trigger warnings from the slush pile?

Now I see some publishers want advanced warnings before an editor reads a manuscript of trigger words. Since the publishers I am referring to are in horror, well, isn't that ludicrous?

We write about fear, blood, death, mutilation. We write about torture, fright, decomposition...

If an editor has 'issues' when reading something--stop reading it; get help; get pharmaceuticals and a cup.

We are writing horror. If horror scares you to the point of a nervous breakdown, read mysteries. Most modern mysteries are bland and can be figured out in three pages.

My God we are a pathetic lot aren't we.

Trigger warnings are censorship and should be trampled. Any editor or any publisher that posts this garbage should be run put of business for attacking your right to free speech.

Trigger warnings are not progressive, they are regressive and repressive.

Wake up.

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