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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween is coming.....really?

I don't know about your city or state, your country or borough but this year especially I sense an impotence of and assault on Halloween. It just doesn't feel like Halloween. That sense of magic, of eeriness, of mystery just isn't there and I fear that sense diabolically purposeful and is permanent.

Maybe it's because of the crazy clowns. And that sense of public safety is a safe excuse for our overlords to shield us.

Maybe we've lost our sense of fun and our majesty. Maybe the more enlightened Prius driving phone addicted skinny jean society has more technological concerns. Who has time to play? They are serious people needing more time for themselves and their adult coloring books.

Maybe it's those colorfast National Football League uniforms worn on Thursday nights and Thursday night football itself. Hell, everything is crap.

It just doesn't feel like Halloween.

I have noticed the store stock has been less. Even though the same hasn't stopped me from buying some super items. There just is less Halloween pickings from last year. And today, four days BEFORE Halloween, that stock is gone and Christmas has taken its place.

Hey are they cancelling Thanksgiving too?

Maybe it's the election and we are all too focused on the real terror staring us in face: paint suits and barking, diabolical laughing and lies, socialism on steroids.

She's incompetent and a felon and no one minds.....yet everyone is on Mike Zimmer, coach of the Minnesota Vikings for those mutilated stuff animals......

And then there is thew established government. Those fine Democrats and Republicans alike who have done their best to cancel Halloween in towns all across this nation for the children who used to trick or treat and for the adults for decorating.

Stories of fines and arrests have been filling my pumpkin rather than candy and tales of ghouls.

The government has already taken our sweets, making them almost microscopic and far more expensive with homilies of how they are poison.

Now our holiday is being replaced with  'fall celebrations' and ordinances against decorating lawns because of complaints by religious fanatics and 'terrified children'.

Yeah it doesn't feel like Halloween. It feels far more sinister.

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