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Sunday, June 8, 2014

And While I Am On The Subject IT'S PIRATES DAY!!!

Yes, it is Pirates Day in Milford. That day when children of all ages go on treasure hunts and scavenger hunts while dressed in the finest of 17th century attire.

Here we embrace the pirate lifestyle and celebrate it as part of our civic founding. Pirates are child friendly. Pirates are good. Pirates are fun.

But in reality they were murderers and rapists --- arsonists and thieves at best and not the kind of people I would or want my child emulating. Oh, I understand the whole 'Disneyfication' but history is history and fact is fact.

So the next time someone in town wants to call a pornographer for writing a story about a cannibal or serial killer I will remind them of today --- Pirates Day and I will remind them of the flags they fly on their porches.

So to that end I will only agree to celebrate Pirates Day if we remember and revel in the memories of Roberto Clemente, Steve Blass, Willie Stargell, Manny Sanguillen, Bob Moose, Danny Murtaugh, Bruce Kison, as well the rest of the crew from Pittsburgh's baseball glory days. Great teams and great players and good guys all.


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