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Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's not funny....

A recent splatter of man on the street interviews tells us the American educational system that reaps billions of dollars is at it again. That is that is broken and misguided and should be scrapped altogether in favor of a more remedial system which is merit based.

It seems D-Day for the vast majority of teens through people in their thirties means Donut Day.

Need I say more?

Yeah I will.

I recently attended an award ceremony where teachers were awarded and praised for their students accomplishments leaving the parents behind. I found the entire process to be somewhat surreal in that only public school teachers were allowed to take a bow.

Isn't that just the problem? I come from a long line of teachers and in those days teaching was a noble profession, whether public or private; where students were challenged and students were pushed to find an hone their talents. The teacher was always in the background guiding and reveling in the student's accomplishment while not attempting to steal the spotlight or take credit for something that may already lie within or be the product of the parents themselves.

It is a bad analogy on many levels but also analogous to the superhuman individuals that gave lives, limbs and hearts fighting for our freedom. Today they are largely forgotten and ignored, left out of curriculums that teach to a standardized and test devoid of knowledge and intelligence much the way a donut is devoid of nutrition.

Want to know why a child behind the counter can't make change? Thank a teacher.

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