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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ivan T. Sanderson

The great naturalist, author and crypto-zoologist who tantalized my imagination as a child died in 1973. In all these years hence I wished I could have known more about him. After all, as with all our favorite scribes, they become cherished members of our family even if we never shook hands.

I recently came into possession of some pieces of Mr. Sanderson's World War II correspondence that on first glance appears rather mundane. But when one takes the time and looks beyond the pleasantries one finds what one had hoped and expected: a complex man of high intellect and even higher moral fiber; someone who believed in the triumph of a free human spirit over oppression but perhaps most importantly, Ivan T. Sanderson was a huge fan of the great old science fiction pulps.

Mr. Sanderson, born a Britain, would later become a U. S. Citizen, legally.

Happy 4th.  

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