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Friday, July 18, 2014

Why Does Bizarro Hate Me?

You ever meet that girl you thought was attractive, has great legs, flirty eyes, a throaty laugh; you know the girl, with the long hair and pouty lips-- yeah THAT girl. Well in a lot of ways that was my approach to bizarro literature. I just had to be there; had to be part of it; I had to show everyone that I could get the IN girl.

But alas all the bizarro publishers have shut me out. No one will tell me why? No one will offer a critique although I have a feeling this column might just generate one. Every piece I submit for publication is simply ignored without any hint of reply.

I certainly have read enough of it. I have critiqued enough books BUT WAIT.

And there it is....

Perhaps my opinion has delivered me into trouble. I haven't liked ALL of the books, true so true.

Yeah what else? Here we go again.

So perhaps my critiques have not been celebrated enough. Perhaps my statements within the literary community that I would not lock myself in a room with a bunch of novels the publisher demands I read and detox myself from the rest of the world of literature because I think it to be simply stupid, is what is offending.

Perhaps I believe that a true writer can write in genres and doesn't need a 'writing degree' is what has crawled up their craw.

Or is it that I am not getting on a plane to fly across the country to sit in classes where I am bombarded with literature and exercises chosen for me and then and only then will I be allowed to publish.......

You get the idea?

You ever meet that girl you thought was mega-hot. You ever position yourself at a party or dance to get in close to her for that one chance to meet her and win her over. You ever lean in and introduce yourself  with your best smile and freshest breath and then she opens her mouth.......

And then you realize she just ain't worth it. 

Literature is a celebration of ideas and meant for everyone not only those who pay the publishers' freight and homage. Want to hate me---go right ahead---you already do and frankly I could care less.

Understand that you genre was not born in the recent past that if you truly study literature you will find your brand of storytelling all the way to the 1910s.

What is old is new again and what writers like to do to other writers is censor them in order to promote themselves. This may be a bold statement but it is a true one and is even older than the movement we celebrate tonight.

Knives in the back for everyone......

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