Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It Certainly Looks A Lot Like, Not Halloween

It just doesn't feel right. It just doesn't have the same impact. Granted I live in Milford, Connecticut where the police have, in practice, barred all Halloween expression beyond a simple array of pumpkins.

What have we become?

Well, we have become a society of struggling families. We have become a cosiety devoid of free expression. We have become a censored society where ideas are more illegal than practice.

We also have become a society ruled by bland and mindless entertainment.

And unbeknowest to all our society has become fearful. Fearful to overt expression. Fearful to independant ideas and fearful to stand out from the crowd.

What it looks and feels like to me is that the trepidation of expression has led to the monsters being let loose on maple street, main street and every street in between.

The lack of passion hides an insecurity of intellect and overall lack of creativity spawn by subpar schools and a culture in rapid decline.

Instead of preaching independence and ingenuity we surrounded with collectivity. This correctness of the herd is nothing more than cowardice.

And cowardice is always death.

The death of a coward, like any death is horrible, but it is especially so when it occurs between the ears.

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