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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Editor's Notes: Life Experience And Writing

With almost everyone claiming the tags 'author' or 'writer' as their surname a lot of clarification needs to enter the equation as to who is truly authentic and who is a mere characterture.

I think this is necessary because the mere glut of words churned out each day and the 'writers' who pride themselves on writing so many words, so many things, most of which don't even see the light of day have choked us.

Our culture is largely based on garbage. Our art and entertainment are the equivalent of fast food with very little lasting value other than bloat.

As most of you are awere I write largely fiction. I look at what I wrote at age eighteen and in my twenties and hold it up against what I write about today and there is no comparison. The richness  of how I tell a story is shaped not only from my experience at writing but my experience at experience. My imagination has been shaped by my life experience and situations I have found myself in and people I have met all along this journey. When I teach writing I urge my students to draw upon their wells of people, places, and occurrences in their lives to drive their vision. You are what you write. Your signature is there in every piece and your personality and history is the life's blood to what you create.

Before you can conquer the world I think you need to see it.

Lasting literature only happens when their depth not self-serving and fanboy fanaticism over shallow and tired tropes. We all need to strive for more both in our lives and in our writing.

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