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Monday, April 27, 2015

Editor's Notes: So You Think You Are A Writer

For the third time in a month I came across an illiterate masquerading as an intellectual. This phenomenon is also known as a story about young writers and their puffing.

One discussion on Goodreads demonstrated the hate for other genres when twenty something horror groupies condemned Hemingway, Faulkner and Steinbeck for their lack of horror on their resume.

I had a discussion with a bizarro devotee who told me that his genre was the only one that matters. Twain, Poe, Lovecraft he continued were hacks --- literature has to be modern to be relevant.

And the third, well I think this parade of idiocy has shown enough floats.

You can't be a writer without a literary love and a literary background. It is that simple. It shows in your writing or I should I say typing...

Before you can judge the best read the best. Trends are simply that -- trends and popularity fades when those people die. We should be writing for the ages and not the shallow pseudo intellectual who puffs his or her literary resume especially when they don't have books on their own shelves.

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