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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Is Re-Assignment Covered Under Obamacare?

Got your attention didn't I? This entry has nothing to do with the oft revised and worst piece of legislation ever written. But then again we are discussing writing here.

Anyway, most of my old western weird tales have found publishers. There are a few stragglers and one such loping tale was sent off for consideration a month ago to a publisher I have never sent to in accordance with my own Obama-like philosophy to spread the wealth around.

Well, I finally heard, and yes it was rejected, but rejected in its own weird way. You see the editor thanked me for sending the piece; he told me he enjoyed reading the piece but then stopped writing in the first person and switched to the third person. Here he stated that, and I am I'm paraphrasing, the reader couldn't engage himself in the story until the end and that perhaps it should be re-worked with more and even graphic violence as well as a chase scene all written in third person.

Okay. So as it stands this is the story of two brothers; one an honest man and the other a mass rapist and killer. The story is told through the good brother and the story itself takes place on the day of the hanging of the bad brother.

So I need to graphically describe the crimes and detail the pursuit leading to his arrest; but forget the trial itself; to engage the reader in what would most likely become a long and drawn out mash up of minutia.

I decided to investigate this theory further by looking into the background of the person who wanted to turn an a weird tale into a 'B' western.

We have discussed it many times that the most meaningful assessors are those who have worked within the realm. It is always best to take the word of another writer rather someone with a degree 
and no bibliography.

The story will remain the same and I will go somewhere else hopefully my waiting will not be long and the response from the panel will not be death.

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