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Monday, April 28, 2014

Morons on LinkedIN

  • Group: Fiction Writers and Editors (no promotion, spam, or bullies)
  • Subject: Declining your request to join Fiction Writers and Editors
  • The owner or a manager of this group has declined your request to join. There are three possibilities:

    1. You have few or no LinkedIn connections. Frequently, spammers present as such, so we're trying to protect the group. If you are a legitimate author, we encourage you to come back and join us later when you have become more established. There is no magic number, as it's a combination of your connections and your profile (see # 3 below).

    2. If your profile is made out for a company rather than an individual, you will be declined.

    3. Your LinkedIn profile shows no indication of being in the fiction writing or publishing industry. If you're just starting in the industry and feel you are legitimately requesting to join despite your profile, please adjust your profile and reapply.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Thank you for your inability to read....................         

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