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Monday, August 22, 2016

Ghost Hunting.......Missing You....St. Mary's Cemetery, Milford, Connecticut

70 Gulf Street is the site. Of all the purported Milford hauntings this one has the most credence, however we are still talking Milford, Connecticut which means the bar isn't raised very high.

The prototypical wandering ghost haunts this boneyard in her long white gown in search of the husband she lost to World War I. Since his body never returned home the search is all that more desperate. The story goes this lady is not shy and will approach individuals as well as groups.

Google can deliver you various photos of orbs, mists, and light arcs. All purport to show the broken hearted phantom  in full search and confrontation mode.

This proves her existence says the amateur ghost buster.

Well, I am not sold.

1. Who is this woman? Many ghost hunters live and hunt in this area and tout and tout. Where is the historical basis? Hunting is more than playing with electronics and repeating the wandering cliche.

2.  Why a cemetery? Why this cemetery? There are comparable aged cemeteries in the area. Again, the paranormal investigators in this area are sloppy. Why, why, why, why.....

3.  I need something lore than orbs aka dust aka bugs; mist aka smoke aka car exhaust aka vaping; and/or light arcs aka bugs. The people who post these photos saying 'lookie here' don't give us any explanation on the conditions and the equipment used.

Where are the mediums? Where are the EVPs? Where is the information?

There is much lacking. In my visits I have found nothing.

I don't believe this haunting but it makes for a good urban legend.

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