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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ghost Hunting.....Watch Your Sugar Intake or Michelle will throw a squash at you.....

My next stop is Orange, Connecticut. Finding nothing in Milford I take a short drive to EDISON ROAD.

The blogs and blurbs are not specific except to say that a vacant lot is haunted. Here a barn used to sit or maybe it was a house or maybe it was a barn and a house. Anyway, two people die in an all consuming fire some time ago.

Feelings of dread and a feeling of being watched pervades....

Here is what pervades, a feeling of emptiness, a deep sucking void....Why? Because there is NOTHING THERE!!! There never was.

I have titled searched this whole area. There was never any fire. There were never any deaths. And developers took down the houses and barns of yore.

And the purveyors of this clap trap can never tell you who died, their names, their ages, their relationship. There is no address or even a year the fire occurred. This is an urban legend, a lazy urban legend that was so lame and cliche ridden to start, I can understand why it was never fully developed.

But I do think it is good place to visit.

If you travel through the area, passing the commercial entities there you will find one haunt that I do highly recommend. PEZ is here with a marvelous visitor center and store. It is a great short stop for young and old. Collect. Eat. Enjoy.

Just don't tell Michelle you know who about the sugar else she will throw a squash at you.....

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