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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Editor's Notes: Who Loves You Baby?

I know one editor who doesn't, but he seems to write enjoy excoriating everything from my subject matter, style and my over all knowledge of what a novel or short story is.

This is so enjoyable to me I just send stuff just to get the reaction. I have sent pieces that have been already published; I have sent pieces that have already been accepted and the response is always the same: a restrained destruction of one's credibility as a writer.

Why? You have to ask him, but for some reason as with all walks of life certain people just don't get along.

My point is merely this; yes, sometimes it is personal and as a writer, as an artist, as an adult rise above it. Leave those who find it necessary to label you as pedestrian or ignorant of what the essentials of writing are to their own devices and follow your gut and your bibliography.

And when the novelty is over; when you have collected enough to laugh over with friends and colleagues or use as a teaching tool or publish in a book go on your merry way and drop the BS altogether.

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