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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More Horror Discrimination Among The Literati

Recently an editor/owner of a start up ezine cast the net for writers to write pieces for his new ezine. The pieces requested are non-fictional informational pieces although in the last few days he has expanded his catch to include short fictional pieces to bolster the articles.

I sent all the normal pleasantries including links to my site but warned him that I did write horror. I suggested he concentrate on my articles and my column at

The reply was surprising in this way -- and I paraphrase for space and time ---- your stories 'I fear the stories may be a little abrasive for our audience'...

Abrasive? First, the ezine does not have an audience -- it hasn't published yet. Second, I understand who you wish to target but wishing and hitting can be two different things. Third, I pointed him in the direction of the non-fiction and he reads the fiction to base his opinion.

What do you think happened? Again I hear from writers all over the country who tell me the shunning they receive because they write horror. The literati feel we can write nothing more.

Sad. Here in Milford I have been compared to a pornographer by individuals who haven't read a word of my writing and again I am judged by someone who wouldn't take the time to read my work.

Sad that this is the state of media today and with a start up --- tomorrow.

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