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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Editor's Notes: Never Claim You Are Something When You Are Not OR Don't Use Writer Of Fictional Novels Or Some Other Idiot Title Next To Your Name

Long title but a short statement. I am amazed by writers who adopt 'special titles' next to their names wearing them like a graduate degree in order to impress. Please young writers don't do this as it makes you look foolish.

I was attacked today for making a statement on LinkedIn on a strand where people on the left and right were attacking each other on political grounds. I stated this is not the place for this discussion since we are in a writers' community. Most agree save for one idiot because he thought I was on the left.

Regardless, this was a writers' discussion group about the pitfalls in writing and publishing. LinkedIn is a bigger jerk for not deleting these posts as many requested.

As for the great author: First, 'novels' ARE predominantly fictional so I don't understand what you doing with the title. But then, second, I looked you up and you self published one book. Shouldn't your title read 'novel' rather than novels. Third, the radar goes up 'that doth protest too much' when you advertise yourself in this way. Ego is nice when you can back it up with credits otherwise you look foolish.

It looks amateurish.

Real writers use their names, real and pen, and do not need to advertise their specialty. Real writers can spread their wings and write in many forums thus being a 'writer'.

Did you hear that 'Mr. I am starting a new magazine and need columnists or is it short stories or is it whatever?'

But one self-published novel and hundreds of LinkedIn posts don't warrant the ego.

Be professional at all times as you never know who you are dissing. It could very well be someone that may be reviewing or editing your work some day.

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